Why Grandfather Mountain Nursery
Garden Center and Landscaping

    We are:
  • In the business of building lifelong relationships
  • Motivated by the dreams and visions of our customers
  • Commit to be the company you trust Inspired by nature to create landscapes with texture, light, sound and beauty
  • Driven by hearts and passions of our employees
  • A highly trained team of innovative professionals
  • Committed to exceeding each customers' expectations
  • Locally owned and operated since 1976
  • Available to you for your questions and concerns
  • Creative in designs residentially and commercially
  • Follow up programs to maintain your landscape and protect your investment

  • What we can do for you:
  • Design
  • Landscaping/Installation
  • Design Build
  • Hardscapes (Walls, Walkways, Decks, Patios, Arbors)
  • Water Features (Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls)
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Lighting (Accents, Walkways)
  • Entertainment (Outdoor Furniture, Childrens Play Areas)
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Snow Plowing and Removal Services

    How we do it:
    Our process takes you from initial concept through construction and we follow up with any services you desire to maintain your property. We begin with a consultation to explore your ideas, how you want to spend your time outdoors, who you want to entertain, and what vision you have for the landscape and hardscapes materials to be included. Our landscape designer will design your "Outdoor Living Room" and after final approval by you, our skilled landscape/construction crews will create/build it. We will keep you informed during the installation process and we will be here for you after completion of the project to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

    What we need from you:
    You will need to establish a budget for the entire project or each phase of the project. Your landscape designer will help you understand if your budget is realistic for your design. Without a budget, the design will not fit your needs. Just as when you go to buy a home, remodel a kitchen, or purchase a car, you need to know a rough budget within which you are willing to work.

    Get the Facts: Why are plants to important?
    Plants are an indispensable resource and an essential part of our environment. Here's why:
  • Landscaping can add up to 20% to a home's value, increasing property values.
  • Landscaping can have a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent when you sell your home.
  • Landscaping can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%.
  • Plants control runoff, slowing erosion and allowing water to be absorbed by the soil and the aquifers.
  • Landscaping can reduce noise by up to 50%.
  • A tree removes carbon dioxide from the air and releases enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breathe for a day.
  • An acre of trees can remove 13 tons of dust and potentially harmful gases from the environment each year.
  • Plants save water by providing energy efficiency that cuts back on electricity needs and allows electric power plants to use less water.
  • A single tree can provide up to $300 per year in air conditioning, pollution reduction, erosion and storm-waste control, and wildlife shelter benefits.
  • Plants provide essential habitat for wildlife.

Thanks for your commitment to EXCELLENCE and your patronage of Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center and Landscaping