What our customers have to say!

I've been meaning to send this e-mail for weeks, but I have no excuse except that things without consequences get pushed to the bottom of the priority pile.  Keith and I were at our mountain house over Easter weekend.  Every time we go up it's a delight to see what popping up out of the ground now!  The landscaping you created and installed is like the never-ending gift.  Each time it's a surprise and a treat.  It really looks great.  We love it!

Also, we used our gift certificate to the Painted Fish Cafe over Easter weekend.  What an awesome place.  Had a great meal and even ran into some old work friends there.  Thank you for that night out.

Can't wait to see the yard on our next trip up on Mother's day.  We'll be bringing Keith's brother and sister and their spouses along.  Our house has never looked better!  Thanks for your part in making a dream come true.

"We are very happy with the landscaping results. You exceeded our expectations! Please let us know the remaining balance. And just to verify, we do want you to continue with the watering when needed.
Gerry G.

"Just wanted to thank you again for working with us on our fall project. You are so kind and a very special person. We look forward to a long relationship of your turning our mountain home into a masterpiece! It is such a pleasure to work with you and all your staff too! This next step will truly be an exciting part of the total landscaping plan. A special thanks for your friendship as well."
K & D

"I talked with Earl G yesterday afternoon and he was elated with the completed project at Snowplow. He said your crew was a delight to work with and went the extra mile to give us a quality and beautiful finished product.
Again, job well done from all the owners of Snowplow and pass on our sincere thanks to your crew for being so friendly, cooperative and customer focused. Also, I'd like to personally thank you for your assistance in helping us plan and complete the project."
Gary H.
Snowplow Condominium HOA

"We are so proud of the beautiful landscaping you have done at our new home. Thank you for all the service and attention... Always first class!"
Lee and Dianne M

"Thank you for the beautiful job. I know that next year it will be even more wonderful. It has made such a difference. Each time I come home my heart smiles."
Jean U

"I really appreciated the time and effort all of your guys but forth for me. Please tell them thank you very much. I enjoyed working with you and appreciated all of your time and help. I think we achieved what I wanted. I am already looking forward to the next phase."
Barbara I

"Thanks. It looks real good and is just what we wanted."
Pete G

"It is such a pleasure working with you and your team. We are really looking forward to having some lovely plantings around the house. Thank you."

"It looks GREAT! Show it off to any of your prospective clients. Thanks so much."
Ray and Jan

"They did a beautiful job and were wonderful to work with. Thank you for all of your help."
T Cain

"Thank you for your services. It is greatly appreciated."

"Your work looks great and our builder said your team was fantastic to work with. We enjoyed doing business with your company and look forward to seeing you again."
Bill and Martha

"It was a pleasure to work with you and we are so pleased with the landscaping at St. John's. As one member said, it looks as if it has always been there. Thanks so much for your excellent suggestions and expert implementation."

"I appreciate you being so prompt and doing our landscaping. It is so refreshing to meet someone as honest and dependable. Thank you so much."

Thanks for being so fast and responsive on Snow Removal!
Jim C., President of Hemlock Village POA, Foscoe

So glad to have you taking care of the POA again this winter…your team always "clears the way" and we have no problems at all in the neighborhood, even with winters like we have been having. Top rate and first class all the way!
Sam S, Pres Rosebay POA, Foscoe

All work is GREAT! Can't wait to start Phase ll. Thanks for all you do for us.
Walter and Jen B, Valle Crucis, NC

Thanks so much for your hard work all through the past 13 years! I hope you have a happy holiday season.
Ginny T, landscape and maintenance customer, Hound Ears Club

BEAUTIFUL ! - BEAUTIFUL ! - BEAUTIFUL ! I just cant believe you did ALL this and what an improvement to our property! My heart really smiled when I saw the wreath on our 'Cabin' sign at the front of the driveway - personal touches all over! The POP of color on the front porch is Perfect! Oh, the amazing definition of the retaining-timber wall, looks as if it was suppose to be there all along! So, is the 'Statue Deer' standing as a deterrent for the other pesky deer? Ha. (What a Statement!) I absolutely love every space you have designed for us. I can't wait to see it tomorrow. You are a gifted landscaper!
Lori G.

WE WERE OVERWHELMED....when we arrived last weekend at our home in the mountains and saw the completed landscape job. You are really a great landscaper! I must tell you, Brad did not look at any e-mail progress pictures you sent (I sure did!), and when we arrived, Brad was extremely pleased to say the least. We sent the balance of payment, you might have received by now. I want to thank you for your 'personal touches'-too. About the web site pictures.....SURE - you may use any pictures you want....But, we do not necessarily want our names connected. No big deal, just not necessary. Oh, and we watered all plants Sunday 6th. Again, THANK YOU so much Theresa.
Brad & Lori

Was just at our home in Misty Mountain dropping off some furniture from our Charlotte home. OUR YARD LOOKS GREAT! It makes me happy to drive up and see a lovely yard and not just one more thing that needs my attention. You and your crew make ME happy! Wonderful job as always and such quality!

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